Why We Prefer Building With Cedar
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When you build a home, every variable must be accounted for to ensure a spectacular finished product at the end. Every builder has to make choices about their process, from the carpenters they hire to the interior fixtures. One of the most important choices a contractor has to make is what material they use for the framing of the home. The framing, and additional structural elements, require a material that will stand the test of time. That’s why we prefer building with cedar.

Cedar is a material that offers every feature a builder wants to lay an excellent foundation for a home. Building with cedar is an integral part of what sets our luxury log homes apart. Here’s why we choose it as an indispensable part of our building process.


Above all, the integral components of a home need to last, and the extreme variation of natural elements the structure will experience. Cedar provides expert durability as both structural framing and exterior walls. Cedar wood is highly resistant to moisture and is a prime choice for damp environments. When faced with severe changes in weather, cedar wood avoids common problems such as shrinking, warping, swelling and decaying.   

Sound Resistant

Your home is your personal sanctuary. Blocking out excess noise from the outside world is a key amenity many of our clients seek out. While soundproofing can be retroactively applied, it’s best to consider it during the initial build. Cedar is a porous wood that naturally absorbs sound waves and suppresses noises, from both the exterior and interior.

By building with cedar, we help to ensure your home is a peaceful oasis where you can put your mind at ease.

Cedar is perfect for helping create a quiet office space.

Insect Repellant

Insect infestations are the enemy of strong wooden structures. When left unchecked, insects can cause permanent damage that can not only be costly, but dangerous. However, cedar naturally repels insects. Thanks to an oil incorporated into the material, it naturally repels common invasive insects such as termites, ants, moths, cockroaches, and mosquitos.

In remote areas with a wealth of nature, cedar is an excellent choice to deter issues with insects.

Natural Beauty

Your dream home should capture the wonderful beauty of the memories you’ll create in it. When building a custom home, we allow you to craft an interior and exterior that is stunning to behold. Cedar strikes the perfect balance between the cozy appeal of a cabin and the luxury of a chateau. With a fantastic spectrum of grains and colors to choose from, you can choose the perfect variation to craft your home with, such as Eastern Red Cedar and Northern White Cedar.

Fire Resistant

As luxury log home builders, safety is a huge factor in our design and build process. Every precaution that can be taken to maximize safety measures should be taken. While every residence is held to minimum code standards, the foundational materials of the building can provide extra protection.

Cedar is naturally fire-resistant, increasing the safety of your home in the face of the worst-case scenario. In areas that have a higher chance of wildfire, selecting a material that is flame-resistant is a wise choice.

Personalized and Professionally Crafted Log Homes

If you are looking for a team of dedicated professionals to conduct your personalized log home build, look no further than Cedar Ridge Log Homes. Our design specialists will work hand in hand with you to ensure that your log home is built to your exact specifications.

With our commitment to providing you with proficient guidance throughout the entire design process, you will be able to enjoy the benefit of having committed experts assist in designing your custom log home. If you are ready to begin your build or simply want to explore your options, call or contact Cedar Ridge Log Homes today to get started.

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